IC Manufacturing

sampleWith the latest process technologies available, we can offer you not only a premier level of service but the failure analysis tools necessary for your application.

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RFID Manufacturing

sampleWhether you are looking for a custom or standard RFID solution, we have the equipment and processes available to meet any needs.

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PCB Manufacturing

sampleAll of our PCB equipment is new and the capabilites we can offer you are very impressive. Our process, testing and failure analysis abilites are key to your success.

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Your Turn-Key Solutions Provider

Since 1989, we have enjoyed being involved with the ever changing IC industry.  Even though the manufacturing sector has changed, the engineering philosophy and standards have not.  We not only have adapted but eveolved!

EM2 Associates, Inc was started in 1989 as a key player in the early days of Silicon Valley in the areas of IC and PCB manufacturing, engineering, marketing and process control.  Through the years, we have evolved by offering new services and technologies but have always stayed true to our roots.  We are not simply an "in state rep" but have established rock solid manufacturing solutions utilizing the latests process technologies while continually providing a premier level of service to all of our customers.

Each facility that we utilize contains the latest process equipment as well as utilizing the latest cost cutting materials, automation and certified operation staff.  Each customer has complete access to in house engineering staff as well as full reporting and customized process solutions.



Process Control

Each process is not only handled on the production floor but from our US location as well.  Distance process control is something we excell in and believe is as important as the finished result. 

Latest Technologies

With the continuous change and improvement to IC development, utilizing old equipment is just not an option.  We utilize some of the latest technologies available and continue to make large investments in this arena.